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ELNEdChat - UK Awarding Bodies - What They Are & How To Choose

January 30, 2023 ELN The e-Learning Network Season 1 Episode 5
ELN Ed Chat
ELNEdChat - UK Awarding Bodies - What They Are & How To Choose
Show Notes

If you don't know much about what UK Awarding Bodies are and what they do listen in as ELN's own Training Manager and IQA discusses them in detail.
Does it matter which awarding body name is printed on your qualification? Before you invest your time and money into a qualification, especially in lifelong learning and vocational training then make sure to download this episode.
Our Training Team and Training Director join in the chat to give their experiences and perspectives as well.

Good CPD for potential and active IQAs, Lead IQAs, Centre Owners as well as budding EQAs.

Hear from a team with a combined teaching and assessing experience of over 40 years, across 3 continents and multiple sectors and specialties.

If you still have questions, get in touch with us with any questions you may have!

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