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ELNEdChat - Teacher Training Cycle Quiz!

March 22, 2023 ELN The e-Learning Network Season 1 Episode 8
ELN Ed Chat
ELNEdChat - Teacher Training Cycle Quiz!
Show Notes

There's so much more to teaching and training than just delivering the curriculum. Listen in as our L3 Award in Education & Training tutor Farheen quizzes the training team on the different stages of the teaching cycle.
Learn about what's involved in Identify Needs, Planning, Delivering, Assessing and Evaluation when you are training in your specialist area.

Try and answer the questions as you go along and keep your score - did you do better than the team? ;D

If not, you can find out more about the Training Cycle through our blog or CPD course.

Read more about the Train the Trainer courses mentioned in the podcast here.

Or visit the following links for a variety of blogs on:
The Level 3 AET / PTLLS course
The Level 4 CET / CTLLS course
The Level 5 DET / DTLLS course

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