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ELNEdChat - The Importance of 'Instant Feedback'

May 15, 2023 ELN The e-Learning Network Season 1 Episode 12
ELN Ed Chat
ELNEdChat - The Importance of 'Instant Feedback'
Show Notes

Is feedback really important?
What really is the impact or difference between delayed or instant feedback?
Why should you give 'instant feedback'?
How should you give feedback?

Discover transformative power on Instant Feedback as we differentiate instant feedback from delayed feedback, highlighting its relevance. We explore the benefits it brings, such as improved retention, motivation, and performance. We discuss the various methods of delivering instant feedback, from face-to-face interactions, digital platforms, peer-to-peer assessments, and self-assessment tools. Tune in to see how this approach to feedback can aid learning and development for your learners and colleagues

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