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ELNEdChat - Let's Talk Evaluation vs Reflection

July 15, 2023 ELN The e-Learning Network Season 1 Episode 14
ELN Ed Chat
ELNEdChat - Let's Talk Evaluation vs Reflection
Show Notes

What is Evaluation in education? Does it apply to everyone?
What is Reflection in education? Is it different to evaluation?

Listen in as our Tutor Dee leads the discussion on the differences in evaluation and reflection, what they are, how they are relevant in education and how you benefit from evaluating and reflecting on your education practice.
Among the discussion you will also hear from our Director and Lead IQA as well as our Training Manager so you will get multiple perspectives.

Learn practical and useful tips on how to evaluate your teaching, assessing or IQA practice and how to benefit from it. Do you agree? We'd love to hear from you on our social media or you can always get in touch on info@eln.co.uk 

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